Transition, Life-Leadership & Empowerment Coaching


Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines "Transition" as:

a passage from one state, stage, subject or place to another.

Kind of a simple definition to a word that holds serious power!

Personal growth is all about transitions but while going through them, it can feel uncomfortable and unsettling—that sensation where you feel a little lost, or out of place, or where you don’t fit in anymore, or maybe you just don't remember why you're doing what you're doing.  You know something is off, and you need a change, but you don’t know what that change is, or how to make it. 

That’s where coaching can help. It’s why even the most successful, savvy executives hire coaches—to help them transition to whatever is next for them in their careers or personal life. No matter what stage of your life or career you are in, having a coach is one of those smart things to do for people who want to grow and develop into their most authentic and powerful selves. 

“Great success and living a life you love doesn’t happen by accident. You have to be intentional about it. A coach can help you build a vision for the future you intend to have, and support you in creating the plans to get there.”



What is Life-Leadership?

Simply put, it's being a leader in your own life.  Showing up everyday, with clarity as to who you are, what you want and what's important to you.  It's about creating the life you dream of... knowing it's possible, knowing you can do it, understanding that life is exactly what you make of it and CHOOSING to take action to make it happen.

In order to be a strong leader in your own life, it helps to be clear as to WHO you are...who your true AUTHENTIC self is.  Once you connect on a deeper level with your true WHO, you can't unknow it.  You can't unfeel it.  You can't ignore it.

Your true WHO will start to tug on your spirit and everything you do will unfold in the most authentic way...the way that is meant for your life...and you will be the LEADER in your own life.



"You wanna fly?  You got to give up the sh*t that weighs you down." - Toni Morrison, Song of Solomon

We are a product of our own beliefs.  But what if you were able to see "beliefs" as just that.  Like thoughts, beliefs can be changed.  If you've spent time weighed down by beliefs that are not supporting you, then let's change those beliefs.  

I don't mean to make this sound simple.  It's not.  But it is VERY powerful and life altering when you open your mind and heart to other possibilities.  

Coaching, by the way, is all about empowering clients.  Empowering you to seek possibilities; seek what supports you and release what doesn't; create the vision of the life you dream of; strive to be more, have more; dream bigger; and LIVE A LIFE YOU LOVE.